Which mobility scooter is right for me?

A mobility scooter is a brilliant way to help provide independence and freedom for seniors and people with disabilities. A scooter can be a handy way to pop to the shops for a pint of milk or to catch up with friends for a cuppa.

All of the models supplied at Sync Living are battery operated and therefore are powered via electric. Speed can vary from 4mph to 8mph depending on your choice of model. As long as a mobility scooter is serviced annually they normally tend to have a good and reliable lifetime.

A mobility scooter are designed very similar to a car in regarding to functions they can move forward, reverse and many have indicators and lights. All have a simple dashboard with easy to understand controls.

Here are a few things to consider with purchasing a mobility scooter:

Would I like my scooter to be portable?
A number of “Boot Scooters” can be easily dismantled and popped into your car boot in under a minute. Most of the boot scooters available at Sync Living such as the Colibri, can dismantle into 5 easy to handle pieces which can easily fit into a car boot so you can take the scooter with you to the park or to the shops.

Do I need a road or pavement scooter?
Depending on where you live can impact on what type of mobility scooter you require. A roadworthy scooter such as the Comet Pro will be larger than a compact pavement scooter. A roadworthy scooter is legal to drive on the road whilst a boot scooter such as the such as a Colibri or a Pride Go Go Elite Traveller can’t be driven on the road. Some people feel more confident on the pavement rather than the road.

Where am I going to store my scooter?
Storage is also important to consider. A scooter can be stored outside, although we would always recommend using a good waterproof cover and a secure locking device. However if you would rather store your scooter inside, consider your storage space. A larger mobility scooter could be better suited to a garage or garden shed whilst a boot scooter could be dismantled at home or easily stored in the porch.

What a size of a scooter is best for me?
Sync Living have a wide range of mobility scooters to accommodate everyones needs. Your weight might dictate the model of mobility scooter you can purchase such as the Maxima which will support up to 37.5 stone. Our mobility team can help you choose the best scooter for you.

Can I get a scooter with my budget?
Mobility Scooters start from £680. Consider the best value and quality scooter that suits your needs. Sync Living also offer a full range of finance packages.

Pop in for a cuppa
Our team can offer you or a family member advice on the best mobility scooter to suit your lifestyle and needs. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to Jim or William via 028 9074 5333 or email sales@syncliving.co.uk