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The benefits of a wheelchair powerpack and how it can make life easier

A wheelchair powerpack is a great product to make life easier for carers/attendants. It provides extra propulsion and consists of a set of batteries that can be fitted almost to any type of manual wheelchair.

From a wheelchair user’s point of view, a powered assisted wheelchair ensures peace of mind when negotiating slopes, accessible ramps, hills, and rough terrains.

From a carer’s perspective, a wheelchair powerpack provides invaluable physical support when managing a manual wheelchair. According to a report from Carers UK, 83% of carers stated that caring for someone with a disability has had a negative impact on their physical health. In addition, 36% of the surveyed carers were specifically affected by back pain. Therefore, powerpacks can represent a real benefit for carers, as they ease the load and reduce the effort when pushing a wheelchair. 

This blog post is aimed at introducing you to wheelchair powerpacks and it will focus on TGA powerpacks. TGA is an established and long-standing brand offering a range of power adds-on for attendant controlled wheelchairs. TGA solutions are tested, user-approved, and reliable. However other products, such as the E-fix and E-motion by Alber and the SmartDrive by Max Mobility, are available.

At the end of this article, you will have a greater understanding of the benefits of TGA powerpacks for carers and users, of the different parts that make up this product, and of the types of TGA adds-on available.

TGA wheelchair powerpack

The benefits of using TGA Wheelchair Powerpacks

In general, the main benefit of using a wheelchair powerpack is to provide support when managing a manual wheelchair making this task less physical for carers. As such, tiring and dodgy rides on uneven surfaces will be replaced by a much safer and controlled command of the mobility equipment.

In addition, as we said, the assisted push allows carers to look after their loved ones/patients without compromising their health or safety.

However, when it comes to TGA wheelchair powerpacks, it is possible to highlight specific advantages for the end users:


If your wheelchair has got a lower frame and round tubing, then you can easily apply the TGA power add-on. Active wheelchairs usually don’t present these specs, whereas attendant-propelled ones tend to do.


Compared to other wheelchair powerpacks on the market, TGA adds-on are cheaper, with an average price under £1K (VAT excluded).


Since it is not permanently attached to the wheelchair frame, you can easily remove the add-on when you need to fold your wheelchair. As such, you will be able to store your equipment or pop it in the boot of your car as you were used to.


Once the powerpack has been fitted correctly, it is then easy to remove it and apply it again when needed. If you purchase your TGA power add-on at Sync Living, our mobility specialists will take care of fitting all the components properly.


Along with your wheelchair powerpack you can also purchase extra accessories:

Spare battery: If you fear a battery won’t be enough for you daily bustle, you can always order an extra pair. In this way, you will be sure not to run out of propulsion when needed.

Car charging converter: Always on the go? You can order a DC to AC inverter to charge your wheelchair powerpack from your vehicle.

Powerpack holdall: To ensure that your power add-on is safely stored. It also makes it easy to transport your powerpack wherever you need.


By turning the switch, you will be able to get an assisted push forward or backwards in a matter of seconds. Note that this feature is not available in the SOLO model, as it only goes forward.


TGA products are designed and made in the UK. This point speaks for itself. A good piece of equipment from reliable UK manufacturers, who can be easily reached and contacted if any problem occurs. In addition, once you buy an original TGA power add-on, your product will have a twelve-month warranty from the date of the purchase.


With the heaviest model of wheelchair powerpack weighing a little less than 8kg, TGA adds-on are easy to lift and transport.

Just for a quick recap, here are the benefits of TGA wheelchair powerpacks explained in a nutshell:

Benefits of using TGA wheelchair powerpacks

The components of a TGA wheelchair powerpack

We have been talking about the outstanding benefits of this unique piece of equipment, but what does it look like?

Let’s find out the components of the TGA wheelchair powerpack:

1 – Powerpack with lifting straps

2 – Bag with battery

3 – Battery charge

4 – Crossbar

5 – Hand brackets

6 – Handgrips

7 – Control panel

6 – 5mm and 6mm Allen keys

7 – 2 pairs of keys

This is how your TGA wheelchair powerpack looks before being assembled:

Disassembled TGA wheelchair powerpack

via TGA 

This is how a TGA power add-on when ready to use:

Assembled TGA powerpack

via TGA

The 4 types of TGA wheelchair powerpack

TGA offers four different models of wheelchair powerpacks. Let’s have a look at them:

1- Wheelchair powerpack SOLO

  • Maximum user weight capacity: 18 stones (including the weight of the wheelchair)
  • Powerpack overall weight: 13 lbs (5,9 kg)
  • Maximum speed: 4 mph
  • Maximum distance that can be reached with a full charge: 10 miles

It’s the lightest and cheapest power add-on available from TGA. Ideal if you don’t have to drive on extremely uneven grounds or very steep hills.

TGA wheelchair powerpack solo

via TGA

2- Wheelchair powerpack DUO

  • Maximum user weight capacity: 18 stones (including the weight of the wheelchair)
  • Powerpack overall weight: 13,2 lbs (6,0 kg)
  • Maximum speed: 4 mph
  • Maximum distance that can be reached with a full charge: 10 miles

Compared to the SOLO, it provides more grip, as it is designed with 2 wheels instead of one. Ideal for people living on hills or that need to drive on slippery slopes.

In addition, this wheelchair powerpack is provided with a switch that allows the attendant to enable the reverse function.

TGA wheelchair powerpack duo

via TGA

3- Wheelchair powerpack DUO HD

  • Maximum user weight capacity: 26 stones (including the weight of the wheelchair)
  • Powerpack overall weight: 14,2 lbs (6,5 kg)
  • Maximum speed: 4 mph
  • Maximum distance that can be reached with a full charge: 10 miles

The only difference with the DUO is that the DUO HD wheelchair powerpack has a greater carry capacity. As such, it allows carers to push heavier users up to 26 stones.

TGA wheelchair powerpack duo HD

via TGA

4- Wheelchair powerpack PLUS

  • Maximum user weight capacity: 32 stones (including the weight of the wheelchair)
  • Powerpack overall weight: 17,3 lbs (7,85 kg)
  • Maximum speed: 3 mph
  • Maximum distance that can be reached with a full charge: 10 miles

This power add-on is designed to support carers when pushing larger occupants up to 32 stones. It is fitted with standard and reverse functions. However, compared to the DUO and the DUO HD the reverse option is easier to control allowing better functionality and flexibility.

The control panel of the PLUS wheelchair powerpack is also more advanced compared to all the other models, as it is fitted with a unique “soft start technology”. In addition, the PLUS is provided with improved ergonomics for the carers and ensures a better propulsion experience for wheelchair users. 

TGA wheelchair powerpack plus

via TGA

The benefits of a wheelchair powerpack over a powered wheelchair

If you are unsure whether to purchase a wheelchair powerpack over a powered wheelchair, consider the following points:

  • When you purchase a wheelchair powerpack, you don’t need to substitute the wheelchair in use. In fact, the power add-on can be easily applied to its lower frame within seconds.
  • A wheelchair fitted with a wheelchair powerpack is lighter than any average powered wheelchair. As such, this makes it easier and safer to access ramps, lifts, or platform without exceeding their user weight capacity.
  • When you purchase a power add-on, you can still detach it to fold your wheelchair for storage or transportation. On the contrary, most powered wheelchair can’t be folded and need a greater storage space.

Purchase your TGA powerpack at Sync Living

It can be hard to find the right piece of equipment for your loved ones with all the options available out there. At Sync Living we are here to help you find the right product and make your life a little bit easier.

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What we will take care of:

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  • Providing a free product demonstration of the wheelchair powerpack
  • Finding and ordering the right product
  • Fitting the wheelchair powerpack to your manual wheelchair
  • Delivering the power add-on to your doorstep
  • Providing post-sale servicing and support

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