Sync Living

Life with Sync behind the lens

At Sync Living we like to make things a bit more personal, so here’s a sneak peak of what actually happened when we set off to create our new brand video.

There is a lot more work than what you actually might think especially when you are working with animals.. cue Oscar! Now, I don’t mean an actual Oscar, Academy Award but Oscar the gorgeous puppy who became the star of the show. 

Meet Oscar

Oscar is a HIGHLY energetic Hungarian Vizsla puppy who was a lot of fun to work with, but I think we probably went through about 10 bags of dog treats and collected approximately 3 other dog balls during the video creation. (Oscar liked to take the other dogs ball and promptly do a runner!)

It was our aim in this video to highlight the benefits a mobility scooter can offer a family who like to do simple everyday tasks together, such as, take their dog for a lovely stroll to the park. We think we have succeeded and more! 

It took less than 1 minute to remove the scooter from the car, easily pulled it along to the footpath and using the simple easy to use remote control, that automatically unfolds the scooter from its suitcase-like shape into a normal sized, ready to go, boot scooter!

It’s all about the lighting!

Since we are situated in Ireland we were delighted that it remained dry for the entire duration of the video but the camera crew had a few words to say about the sun, cloud, sun, cloud, sun, cloud for the lighting element. 

We had an absolute ball making this video and we hope you enjoy it also.

As they say, life is better with a little dog breath!  Stay tuned for more videos.