TiLite Wheelchairs, specifically tailored for you!

When choosing and recommending a wheelchair there are a number of important choices regarding key features of a chair including:

  • Weight
  • Performance
  • Fit
  • Style
  • Adjustability

TiLite wheelchairs designs are unlimited, exceptional quality and titanium build.

At Sync Living we believe a wheelchair should be fitted to the exact measurements of the individual in the same way that a prosthetic is fitted. When a wheelchair is not fitted correctly it can lead to discomfort, poor function and injury. TiLite’s bespoke Ti Fit uses the individual’s exact measurements, the frame is bent, cut and welded to allow a unique fitting process.

Jim Kane, Product Specialist summed up TiLite wheelchairs perfectly in a few words

“ I love TiLite. They are my favourite Wheelchair brand due to their willingness to go the extra mile for the end user. TiLite build wheelchairs to fit the individual”

Listed below are a few of our favourite TiLite wheelchair models.


“ Outstanding range of adjustments and huge range of optional extras”

The ZRA is a minimal wheelchair but comes with a punch! ZRA offers users full adjustability, style, durability and strength. This super lightweight titanium rigid wheelchair from TiLite weighs only a tiny 4.8 kilo! That’s lighter than your Christmas turkey folks! The Titanium frame absorbs vibration and offers excellent strengthen in comparison to other wheelchairs available on the market.


Aero X

The Aero X ultralight folding wheelchair is compact, with an easy-to-use folding mechanism. Aero X also includes superior rolling dynamics and full adjustability which makes it perfect in performance.

Custom Configuration allows you to add options and components to your chair to meet your needs and to optimise your riding experience. This includes choices of wheels, handrims, tires, wheel locks, colour, tattoos, and more.



TiLite ZR series rigid ultralight wheelchair features TiFit system which makes it a wheeled prosthetic that means every frame is made to measure. ZR rigid wheelchair frame is made up of aerospace-grade titanium which absorbs vibration, doesn’t break and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal on earth. ZR rigid wheelchair frame offers strength, durability and a smooth ride.


What is Ti Fit?

Ti Fit is exclusively offered by TiLite on a wide selection of chairs including, ZRA, ZR, Aero Z and Aero T. A TiFit chair is tailored specifically for the user. Based on the user’s exact measurements the frame is bent, cut and welded to allow a unique fitting process.



“Brilliant for the parent and great for kids” Jim Kane, Product Specialist

The Twist has amazing growth potential, offering a fantastic 2” of growth in seat width and 3” of growth in seat depth. The Twist will encourage kids to play and explore independently but if they get tired and parents need to lend a helping hand, the push handle can be easily adjusted to suit either parent and quickly removed again when no longer required.

For more information about the full range please contact the team on 028 90 74 5333 or email sales@syncliving.co.uk